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At SRA we know that books are powerful tools. Books change people with their messages and their stories. Every book published has the potential to create a ripple in the world. Sometimes those ripples even turn into waves… waves of change. It is our mission to work with our authors to make that happen. Download our free ebook to see it for yourself.

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SRA in the news

SRA has been in the media quite a bit in the past few months. We have been seen in The Guardian, FT Adviser, and on websites such as Fresh Business Thinking, Top Consultant and The Economic Voice. To see a full list of our articles, see our media page.

Photograph by Lizzie Everard


Bespoke indie books

You’ve worked long and hard… your book is about to become a reality. Naturally, you want it dressed to impress.

A good looking, well-edited book makes its author look great. Call SRA on 01789 761345 or email sue@suerichardson.co.uk to find out how to create the WOW factor for your independently published book.


Meet the author…

“I think it is easy to underestimate the role that a professional book publisher like Sue can play in shaping your book…” says Vicki Wusche author of three highly successful books about property investment.

To find out how we can help you create the same massive success with your book call us on 01789 761345 or email sue@suerichardson.co.uk

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Authority Guides

Our new imprint is here! Check out our new Authority Guides’ page for more details.

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Writing the right book

You have knowledge and expertise to share and you know that publishing a book is the best way to do so. But how do you know that you are writing the right book? What do you want to achieve from publishing a book? Who is it that you most want to influence?


Publishing the right way

Nowadays there are so many ways you can publish your book. Should you be going down the ebook route? What about print on demand? Could your idea be pitched to a traditional publisher? Should you be working with an editor?


Reaching the right readers

Your book is published and the copies are stubbornly refusing to fly off the shelves. What went wrong? Your dream of getting your message out there is not coming true. You’ve done all the hard work of writing the book, and getting it published… now you also have to market and sell it.


Publish your book with SRA

At SRA we work with authors to write, publish and distribute their books. Here you will find a full catalogue of our services.


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Do people keep asking when you’re going to write a book?

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"A good book is the purest essence of a human soul"
Thomas Carlyle